Our Mission

We are the Sons of Thunder, fighting for the hearts of the lost, the damned, the broken; seeking first the Kingdom of God. Let our voice be heard by all those willing to listen. Hear us, Join us, Fight with us, Sons of Thunder.

Our mission is simple, seek after the Kingdom of our God, and share His good news with all who are willing to listen. The Sons of Thunder of the Bible, James and John, were the sons of Zebedee, a fisherman. These brothers encountered Jesus while mending fishing nets and immediately left their lives and family to follow after Him. James and John were boisterous men that were quick to action; they were men like many of us, flawed, brash, and short of temper. They were also zealous men that followed after our Saviour, Jesus. These men became Disciples, dedicating their lives in service for God, seeing the blessings He provides. These brothers were transformed, made into new men in the presence of Jesus. Make no mistake they were still zealous men, but they're zeal was for the Lord. Our outreach is named after these brothers, because we are much like them. We can be aggressive and sometimes quick to action, but we encountered Jesus and our lives were never the same. We seek after His Kingdom, and desire to share our faith with anyone who wants to listen.

The Sons of Thunder is a 501c3 non-profit Christian organization that works in our community through outreach events. We seek to provide an environment where families and friends can come together and enjoy time in fellowship; where bonds can be built and strengthened. We also spend time in the Word at our events, sharing our faith with any who chose to listen. We welcome everyone to our events, from all walks of life; if you'd like to spend time in fellowship we will gladly have you.

Simply put, we are a group of men seeking after the Lord, serving Him in our community. We have seen Him work in our lives, and through our outreach. We welcome you to experience it too.

Join Us

The mission for the Sons of Thunder is simple, we seek to serve the Kingdom and outreach to those that may be overlooked by the Church. Everyone has a different walk in this life, but no matter where you've come from, the Sons of Thunder welcome you. We are a group of men that have different walks, different backgrounds, and different experiences. Despite that, we share in a love for our Lord, and a desire to outreach in an unconventional way.

Paintball doesn't seem like a traditional ministry tool, and quite honestly it isn't. This game can be heated, and tempers can flare, but at the end of the day it draws out passion in a number of people, young men especially. Our desire is not simply to draw out this passion, but to direct it towards Christ.

We start our days in fellowship, committed to the Word, that we may build up the brotherhood. We all are sinners, we all have shame, and pain, and sorrow; and it is the act of coming together and sharing in the good word that we are built up, renewed, and made joyous in our Lord.

Our mission is simple, and we would welcome all to come out and share in it. Many hands make for light work, and fellowship in Christ makes for a joyous spirit.

If you have a desire to join us, in fellowship or in labor, know that you are welcome here.


The Sons of Thunder is gratious for the generous donations and sponsoships we have received over the years. The support and commitment we have received from our community is appreciated beyond measure.

Current Sponsors