Game Information

Sons of Thunder Paintball Game Days are open to the public and we encourage everyone to come out and participate. Over the years we have hosted hundreds of games that players of all ages have enjoyed. We strive to provide a safe environment where everyone can enjoy the day and have fun. We expect every player at our field to follow the rules, and promote a safe, enjoyable game for everyone.

Our Game Days are free-to-play for anyone that supplies their own equipment. We do have rentals available for those that don't own equipment but would still like to come out and participate. We also have the essentials for playing, like compressed air and paint, as well as some food and drink options. We also take time midday to stop for lunch.

The Sons of Thunder is a Christian organization and we dedicate the first part of our Game Days to time in fellowship studying the Bible. Our gates open at AM for all that wish to join us in the Word and fellowship.

"As iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend." - Proverbs 27:17

Our tables open after AM, to prepare for the games of the day. It is at this time that we take in waivers, setup rentals, fill tanks, and do any other tasks necessary to get players ready for the games. Typically play will begin around AM. Our games usually last until around PM, providing plenty of time to play over the course of the day.

Our events are subject to inclement weather, and may be delayed or cancelled in response. Any cancellation or alteration will be posted to our calendar and home page as soon as possible.

We ask that anyone coming to our field takes the time to read our rules completely. Please ensure your equipment is in accordance with our rules. A signed waiver must be filled out for each game day in order to play, minors must have a parent or guardian sign the waiver.

Our field lacks electricity and as a result we are unable to take payment via card or check, making it a cash-only operation. Please be prepared as the nearest ATM is a few miles down the road, in town.

First Time Players

The first time playing paintball can be a bit unnerving as many people aren't quite sure what to expect. We have had many first time players over the years, and it is not uncommon to see people unprepared or underprepared for the day. Here are a few things we think new players should know before coming out.

First things first, you should dress appropriately for the environment. Our field is squarely in the woods, and it can be wet, and muddy. The paint and dirt should wash out, but stains are possible so we recommend wearing clothing that can get dirty. Your clothing should also protect against the environment, in the woods its can be easy to to get scratches and scrapes on exposed skin. You should also dress for the weather conditions, sweat pants and a hoodie may provide good protection, but can pose a heat risk in 90°+ weather. Your clothing should also provide a good range of motion, as the paintball is an active game. The final thing to consider is footwear; make sure your shoes are comfortable, well fitting, and suited for wild terrain. And another thing, bring clean clothes for the drive back home.

Second things second, your will be active playing in the woods. There will be insects; mosquitos, ticks, and deer flies await. Remember to pack your preferred form of bug repellant, you won't regret it. Make sure to bring out water too, it is important to stay hydrated throughout the day. Dehydration and heat stroke are no fun at all, so avoid them at all cost.

As a first time player you will also be wondering what it is like to be shot by a paintball. The truth is it varies from person to person, as everyone has a different tolerance for pain. You know yourself best, and if you think it may hurt we would recommend wearing an extra layer or two to help cushion the blow. Loose fitting clothing also helps to cushion a hit better than a tighter fit. The most important thing to do though is to simply get into the game. Once you're into playing, the adrenaline starts and you will barely notice a hit.

The best thing you can do to prepare for your first time at the field is to go in with a good attitude, expect to have a great time and you will!

The Field

The Sons of Thunder operate a single paintball field located in Shiocton, WI. The field is located on roughly 30 acres of land. We welcome all to come and join us on the field during our scheduled game days. We do however ask that you refrain from entering the property outside these times as it is private property generously donated for use by our outreach. Given this situation we actively seek to respect and protect the land from damage.

The field is primarily a woodsball environment with primarily flat but varied terrain. The land features a variety of man-made waterways and ponds that help to maintain drier conditions and an abundance of maintained pathways and trails. These paths are cut through the woods and grass, offering easy movement throughout the field.

The field is almost entirely natural cover, with minimal man-made structures. Throughout the year this natural cover changes dynamically as seasonal foliage comes in and water levels shift to drastically alter sightlines and passability.

Our field is divided into two sections, the staging area and the playing field. The staging area is located at the main entrance to provide easy access and maximize the available playing space. We have exclusively on-street parking along the dead-end access road.

We consider player safety to be very important and have set field boundaries to ensure our staging area and playing area remain separate. We expect every player at our field to act in accordance with our rules to provide a safe environment for all players.

We look forward to having you out at the field!

For those in need of directions to the field, please use the following link, and Google can help with navigation. Directions

Rental & Sales Equipment

Rental Equipment

We offer high-quality rental equipment for first time players or regulars who forgot something at home. Our rentals are provided on a first come, first serve basis, and although we can service most rental demands there may be times we don't have specific items available. If you intend to come out with a large group of renters we ask that you contact us beforehand to reserve rentals. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee rental availability for large groups without prior reservation.

Rental Package - $30.00

Individual Rental Items

Sale Items

The Sons of Thunder offer the essentials for our players. We offer the basic necessities for play through our rentals, as well as some additional items for sale. If you need something small we probably have you covered.

Sale Items

Field Rules

Equipment Rules

During Play

Field Rules